Programs We Offer

The following services are provided to clients and are sensitive to the developmental differences in the youth we serve: School Support Services, After-School Programs, Life Skills Development Programs, Individual Counseling and Family Counseling, Substance Abuse Education, Mentoring, and Family Support.

ETI – Beyond the Bell provides transportation for all services. Through the use of individual and group interaction, ETI-Beyond the Bell places the client as an integral part of his/her program, with support and instruction from a variety of persons including Behaviorial Health Rehabilitation Specialists (BHRS), counselors, parents, and community-members.  We know that you want more than a kind word and a pat on the back.  You want real results so that your child and your family can be as successful as possible.  Our team of experienced clinicians and professionals is ready to begin working with you to develop practical solutions to the problems you face.         

Individual and Family Therapy

Individual therapy consists of a one-on-one meeting between a client and a therapist.  Sessions last approximately anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half.  During this time the client and therapist work on achieving mutually agreed upon goals.  At times the therapist and client may choose to include other family members in the sessions, such as a parent.  Family therapy is often used when a problem a person is having in a family is related to another family member or simply impacts another family member.  Family therapy is also used to help family members adjust to changes that a person in therapy is making. 

Behavioral He
alth Rehabilitation Services

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services are provided by a BHRS, and focus on increasing the skills necessary to perform activities of daily living and functioning in the community. These services may include educational and supportive services, self-care, lifestyle changes, and peer relationships. These services occur two – three days per week after school at the ETI-BTB offices.  Our staff members work with your child for extended periods of time to provide consistent adult guidance and support. 

Our services include:
Planned linkage, advocacy and referral assistance to youth and their family members to supports and resources to help your child reach their treatment goals.  


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